Olive oil production is a seemingly simple but highly detailed process that starts with the picking of the olives and ends with the bottling of the oil as the final product. The reason why it seems simple is obvious. Because it can be summarized in one sentence: The olive fruit is first crushed together with the pits and kneaded in the malaxer, then outputted as oil and pomace in the decanter, passed through a separator and/or paper filter and stored. So is this answer enough for perfect olive oil? It is enough; but only if the details are paid attention to, if the details are brought together. From the moment the olive fruit is plucked from the branch, it enters a critical process of control (in terms of time and processing method), where chemical reactions begin. Therefore, for a perfect olive oil, first of all; The right olive variety must be selected: Memecik olives, whose oil and itself are registered with a Geographical Indication by the European Union… It must be picked at the right time: During early harvest when the fruit is green/purple; during mature harvest when the fruit is black. It must be collected in the right way: By hand or with machine support.

It must be cleaned properly: It must be washed with water of the appropriate temperature and cleanliness… It must be pressed with the right method: In cold pressing using good equipment, the olive paste temperature should be between 25-27°C at every point in the process (in the malaxer and decanter). It should be stored in the right environment: In deoxidized stainless steel tanks, where the storage area is at 18°C, It must be bottled under the right conditions: At a maximum temperature of 23 °C, in dark bottles, protected from light and with caps that ensure minimal contact with oxygen, It must be sustainable: All factors affecting the result should be monitored and recorded through Scada (a comprehensive and integrated data-based control and monitoring system) and interventions should be made to the process as a result of the findings. With our 25 years of project and application experience in heating, cooling, ventilation and automation, we record, control and secure details such as time, cleanliness, ambient temperatures, olive paste temperature control, etc., which are extremely important for obtaining perfect olive oil, with technological solutions and innovations developed by us, and we share these datas with all our consumers in accordance with our transparency policy.