We are olive and olive oil lovers who set out to obtain the perfect olive oil with our 25 years of project and application experience in heating, cooling, ventilation and automation. Time, cleaning, ambient temperatures, olive paste temperature control, etc., which are extremely important for obtaining perfect olive oil. We record, control and secure the details with technological solutions and innovations developed by us, and we share this data with all our consumers following our transparency policy.


The production of the perfect olive oil is an engineering job. Because it is necessary to give importance to all the details in the production process and to bring all these details together. For a perfect olive oil:

The correct olive type should be selected: Memecik olive registered by the European Union with Geographical Indication,

It must be collected at the right time: During early harvest, when the fruit is green/purple; while the fruit is black at the ripe harvest,

It must be collected in the right way: by hand or with machine support,

It must be transferred in the right environment: With the help of crates and within a maximum of 24 hours after collection,

It must be cleaned correctly: It should be washed with water of appropriate temperature and cleaning.

It must be squeezed with the right method: In cold pressing using good equipment, the temperature of the olive paste should be between 25-27 C degrees at every point of the process (in the malaxer, decanter).

It must be stored in the right environment: In oxygen-free stainless steel tanks, where the storage area is 18°C,

It must be bottled under the right conditions: at maximum 23 °C, in dark bottles that do not get light and with caps that ensure minimum contact with oxygen,

It must be sustainable: All factors affecting the result must be monitored and recorded through the Scada (a comprehensive and integrated data-based control and monitoring system) and interventions should be made in the process by considering the results.

As Gaia Pearls, we bring all these details together and offer your taste.


Memecik olive oil is considered special for several reasons, largely due to its unique characteristics that stem from the Memecik olive variety and the specific cultivation and processing methods employed in the Ege region of Turkey. Distinct Flavor Profile: Memecik olive oil has a distinctive flavor profile that includes mild fruity notes, a hint of tanginess, and a balanced bitterness. These flavor elements create a harmonious taste that sets it apart from other olive oils.

Unique Aroma: The aroma of Memecik olive oil often features notes of fresh grass, green leaves, and a touch of herbal spiciness, contributing to its complexity.
Cultural Heritage: Memecik olive oil is deeply intertwined with the cultural heritage of the Ege region in Turkey. The long-standing tradition of olive cultivation and the expertise of local farmers contribute to the unique character of the oil.

High-Quality Extraction Methods: The careful and skillful extraction of oil from Memecik olives, often using cold- pressing techniques, helps preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of the olives.
Regional Terroir: The climate, soil composition, and geographical features of the Ege region play a significant role in shaping the flavor and quality of Memecik olive oil, giving it a unique terroir.

Limited Production: Memecik olive oil is not as widely produced as some other varieties, which can make it more exclusive and sought after by those who appreciate its distinct characteristics.
Health Benefits: Like all high-quality extra virgin olive oils, Memecik olive oil contains beneficial compounds such as monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, contributing to potential health benefits when included in a balanced diet.


Milas, Muğla is one of the prominent regions in Turkey in terms of olive and olive oil production. The district has been a place where people have settled for more than 5 thousand years due to favorable natural and climatic conditions. Olive growing and olive oil production has been the most important agricultural activity in the region since the Carian Civilization. As Gaia Pearls, we procure all our olives from our orchards in Milas, which have received Geographical Indication with olive oil.


Olives to be used in our products are carefully selected. As an olive variety, we use the Memecik olive, which is considered the best in the world due to its extremely high phenolic content, and has been geographically indicated by the European Union.

After the best olives are picked, we transport them from our special troughs to our special olive oil mill; where the oil is extracted within the same day to ensure optimum preservation of the phenolic content.

Finally, the journey ends at our state-of-the-art bottling facility where our premium olive oil is lovingly bottled and packaged, ready for delivery.

When you choose Gaia Pearls, you’re guaranteed perfection in every drop, with 100% purity and uninterrupted phenolic content.